From Fashion Inspiration to Holiday Gifting Tips: Meet 5 of Buckle’s #GirlBosses

If there is one thing we are sure of, it’s that no one quite embodies #BuckleStyle like Buckle’s Store Managers. That’s why we jumped at the chance to scout out some major looks during Buckle’s Fall Manager Meetings these past couple weeks.

We’re happy to report back that the managers did not disappoint.

Meet our resident cool chicks. Five of Buckle’s Store Managers, who talked with us on everything from their personal style to current fashion trends, to why they love their jobs, and gifting ideas for the holidays.

Long story short, they know how to rock a good look and style one too. Time to meet Buckle’s #GirlBosses.

First up, a lady who was promoted to store manager before even attending Buckle’s Leadership Academy and that’s really saying something!

Shaquita S.
Store Manager – Tuscaloosa, Alabama

Shaquita - Buckle Store Manager

Get The Look: Gimmicks Floral Embroidered Bomber Jacket // Gimmicks Turtleneck // Kendall + Kylie The Pin Up Black Velvet Pant // Kendall + Kylie Finch Black Leather Ankle Boot

What trends are you loving right now?
I’m loving so many trends right now: chunky knit sweaters, fashion pants, flare jeans, pointed-toe boots, statement accessories, and velvet.

Which Buckle jeans are your favorite?
My favorite denim brand is KanCan because of their stretch denim and bomb selection. My favorite fit is KanCan’s ankle skinny slim fit jeans.

The holidays are coming up. What’s your favorite part about the shopping season?
The big selection of styles that arrive in our stores. We get in so many great options for the cool winter months including sweaters, cardigans, coats, boots, and denim, denim and more denim!

Describe your perfect holiday outfit:
My perfect holiday outfit consists of sleek dark denim, a chunky knit sweater or turtleneck, a long-bodied coat, pointed-toe booties, and statement accessories.

Best items to give as holiday gifts?
Everything that’s trending right now and fragrance because Buckle’s selection is off the charts!

Why do you love your job?
I love my job because I get to meet and connect with so many amazing people. The fact that I get to style these people and fill their closet with top trends is just an added bonus!

Kate B.

Area Manager – Orem, Utah

Kate - Buckle Store Manager

Get The Look: Daytrip Buffalo-Check Cardigan Sweater // Striped Tank Top // Bridge by GLY Skinny Jeans // Kendall + Kylie Colt Leather Ankle Boot

What inspired your outfit?
I love creating unique but simple looks by mixing different prints and patterns together.

What trends are you loving right now?
The trends that I am loving right now are oversized chunky sweaters and cardigans, high rise denim paired with a fitted top, and statement outerwear.

Which Buckle jeans are your favorite?
My favorite type of jeans are the Buckle Black Fit No. 53 in an ankle skinny leg opening. They are the absolute best fitting jean, made with premium denim fabric, and the skinny ankles look amazing with any type of shoe.

What do you love about your job?
I love the people – my team and the guests. I get to connect with people that impact my life and make me a better leader each and every day.

Favorite part about the holiday shopping season?
The holidays are the most fun time of year in our stores! I get to make someone’s day by helping them pick out the perfect gifts!

Best item to give as a holiday gift?
Denim is the best gift for the holidays! My store’s stylists and I are trained on finding the perfect pair of jeans for everyone!

Describe your perfect holiday outfit:
My perfect holiday outfit is simple, but still a statement. It’s black denim paired with heeled shoes and a glitzy top.

Charline F.

Store Manager – Amarillo, Texas

Charline - Buckle Store Manager

Get The Look: Gilded Intent Striped Oversized Sweater // Sneak Peek Olive Woven Pant // Fashion Sneakers

What inspires your style?
Being a mom of four, I love effortless and comfortable clothing trends. Stripes and sweaters are my favorite, so this Gilded Intent sweater was perfect to pair with fashion pants and wedge sneakers.

Which Buckle jeans are your favorite?
My favorite type of jeans are the BKE Stella Mid-Rise in an ankle skinny leg opening, and Bridge by GLY flares. Both brands are exclusive to Buckle, so you can only get them in our stores. Plus, both are very comfortable and give me the options I need to wear different types of shoes.

What trends are you loving right now?
I’m loving sweaters and flare jeans right now. Sweaters are just so comfortable and come in styles for every body type and person  – no matter their age. Flare jeans because That ’70s Show was one of my favorite shows, so why wouldn’t I want flares!

What’s your go-to holiday outfit?
An oversized top, comfort stretch skinny jeans, and a pair of booties! I call my oversized tops, my “all you can eat tops” because I can eat all I want and still be comfortable. 😄

Favorite part of the holiday shopping season?
My favorite part of the holiday shopping season is the new people that come into our store – both new teammates and new shoppers. These people are what makes my job worthwhile. We get so much new product in the store this time of year, and I get to share that with our guests, and help them find the perfect gifts. It is truly an honor to get to help someone pick out their holiday gifts.

Best gifts for the holidays?
1. Statement earrings because they add something to any outfit and Buckle’s selection is crazy awesome.
2. Shoes because you can never have too many!
3. Denim because who doesn’t love denim!

Why do you love your job?
It’s the people and the product that I get to work with every day. As a Buckle Store Manager, I get the opportunity to pick who I work with and be a leader for those around me. Helping my team develop by serving as a role model for great customer service and leadership is something I cherish and take pride in. Being able to do my job with great product that’s fashionable just makes working here all the more fun and exciting.

Mandy P.
Store Manager – Traverse City, Michigan

Mandy - Buckle Store Manager

Get The Look: David & Young Burgundy Corduroy Cabbie Hat // Gilded Intent Retro Knit Sweater // Bridge by GLY Flare Jean // Crevo Suede Heeled Chelsea Boot

Tell us about your outfit:
Give me everything retro! This Gilded Intent sweater has the perfect retro vibes and pairs great with my Bridge by GLY flares. For the perfect ’70s-inspired look, I’ve topped it off with a velvet conductor hat in the color of the season and a pair of chunky-heeled boots.

Describe your go-to holiday outfit:
For my go-to holiday outfit, I would throw on a grandpa sweater with Buckle’s superior stretch skinny jeans! This type of outfit gives me a fashion-forward look while remaining super comfortable!

What’s your favorite part about helping holiday shoppers?
Every gift has a story! I love being able to help our guests find gifts that create treasured memories.

Best item to give as a holiday gift?
With all the newness in scents and price points, it definitely has to be fragrance! It’s the perfect gift because it’s ageless – anyone of any age can wear any type fragrance.

What do you love about your job?
I love that every day I get to connect the best people with the best product around. Whether business-related or guest-related,
connecting people to the product for them on a daily basis is truly special.

Megan M.

Store Manager – Saint George, Utah

Megan - Buckle Store Manager

Get The Look: David & Young Plaid Cabbie Hat // Kendall + Kylie Cropped Red Denim Jacket // Graphic Tees // Billabong Black Corduroy Mini Skirt // Cityclassified Black Suede Ankle Boot

What inspired your outfit?
Haven’t we all wanted to dress just like Rachel from friends? When I saw this shirt, I just had to have it, and it’s really brought out a ’90s vibe in my style. Overall, I just love outfits that make me feel fun and sassy like this outfit does.

What trends are you loving right now?
One trend that I’m loving right now is fashion pants. The way that you can transition fashion pants from summer to fall and winter, with a cute and cozy sweater or a comfortable and casual hoodie and sneakers, is one of my favorite looks right now.

What’s your favorite type of jeans?
My favorite type of jeans would have to be KanCan Kurvy. These jeans have an amazing fit and they’re always so comfortable. They come in both a mid and high rise and the fabric is super stretchy.

Describe your perfect holiday outfit:
My perfect holiday outfit would be sleek high rise black denim, with a pointy heel or toe boot, a dressier top, and matching accessories.

What do you love about your job?
I love the people the most. I love that I can help style people and make them feel amazing. I also love working side-by-side with amazing people who share the same passion for the work we all do.

Now, it’s the guys’ turn…
Meet three men who manage Buckle Stores.

Special thanks to these ladies for sharing their personal style and passions for working at Buckle with us!

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