Gather Here, Charcuterie Board How-To

a how to for holiday charcuterie boards

As the holidays continue to get closer, temperatures continue to drop, and we’re once again finding ourselves indoors more and more, we are looking for small windows of inspiration.

Some of us are finding them in our closets, building entire looks for holiday plans.

Others may be revisiting those projects started earlier in the year, adding a finishing touch.

And then there are those who are sitting at their kitchen islands, scrolling through recipes, wanting to create something delicious and maybe even beautiful of their own.

All of us centering on the task that brings us here, brings us home, grounding us and getting us excited for the season.

With that thought, we’re going to explore a food trend that’s sure to please, and maybe even to wow.

Here to help us build then style our own holiday charcuterie board, our resident foodie and charcuterie expert, Kati.

You know those charcuterie boards that serve as ultimate snack inspiration on Pinterest or proudly displayed on Instagram? That’s about to be your own social accounts.

While we know you can handle just about anything in the kitchen, we have a secret to share. Charcuterie boards are surprisingly easy to put together, and require no cooking! Another perk, you can make them to fit your RSVPs, from dinner to two, to a family-sized appetizer.  

To start, you’ll need to shop for your ingredients. Here’s a list of ideas to spark your creativity. You can customize to your liking, but keep in mind that variety is the key to visual interest, which we’re just about to get to. 

holiday charcuterie board ingredients


Once you have your ingredients purchased, it’s time to arrange! It’s all about the presentation here, but rest assured it’s a lot easier than it looks to create a beautiful display. We like to start with a rustic wood cutting board, and utilize tiny spoons, cheese knives, and small jars or dishes to hold things like olives, jams, mustards, etc. If you’re having a larger gathering, feel free to include multiple boards in various shapes and sizes. 

We like to start by placing our cheeses and meats first with plenty of space in between to fill in with your other goodies. Next, place the dishes and jars. Once you have these items placed where you want them, fill in with the smaller items. Don’t be afraid to let things touch and be mindful of color when you’re deciding where to place things. There is no right or wrong way to do it, so just have fun! 

Once you have things arranged, garnish your display with sprigs of rosemary for a festive finished look! Feel free to add little labels to your different cheeses and meats for added customization. We’d love to see what you create! Snap a photo and use #BeHere and #FortheStyledLife to share with us on Instagram!

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