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the host with the best sides could be you

This holiday we continue to talk about embracing the concept of here. Of being present, and all of the components that equate to a moment that can only be summed up by a feeling a step beyond fulfilled. This time of year means so much to so many, a time of family and friends, of thoughtful actions or gifts, of slowing down and being thankful for everything (and everyone) around us.

All of that being said, there is a truth that needs recognized.

At the heart of the holidays you’ll find one thing… food – and really good food at that.

So, we turned to one of our in-house resident experts for all things delicious, Kati, and she came back to us with a couple of side dish recipes sure to impress, whatever the setting.

We love the holidays and all they stand for, but Madalyn’s right, food plays a major part!
How many of your favorite memories revolve around some type of food? Learning to bake pies with grandma, fondue nights with friends, weeknight dinner shared with family, or experiencing the local cuisine of a new city you are visiting. All of these memories share one common thread – food! It sure has a way of bringing us together. Although this year the holidays might look a little different than they normally do, there will probably still be food – and hopefully lots of it!

Meals around the table with close family or friends have a way of grounding us and reminding us what really matters. Holiday meals in particular give us the opportunity to create, share, and serve our loved ones. Whether you are hosting this year’s party or have been invited to join someone else, we’re hoping to provide some ideas for your festive gatherings. 

We believe that the food can be part of the experience – and not just an afterthought. Think beyond grocery store-bought rolls and canned cranberries. Next time you’re asked to cook a special meal, or bring a side dish – we hope you’ll consider it an opportunity to create a memorable experience for the people you care about. It will not go unnoticed – we promise! 

Think hos·pi·tal·i·ty:

The friendly and generous reception and entertainment of guests, visitors, or strangers.

You get to be a part of creating the experience and making it truly memorable for the other guests! Not sure where to start? Don’t worry – we’ve got some side dish ideas to get you inspired! 

First up – a ‘Winter Side Salad’. Holiday meals are typically full of heavy sides and comfort food, so we wanted to provide a lighter option that is still full of flavor and perfect for the season. (Get the printable recipe HERE or follow along below!)

we're keeping things light (at least to start) this holiday, with a winter salad that's sure to be a hit!

Next on the list of mouth watering sides is one of our favorites – ‘Roasted Brussels Sprouts and Squash’. These aren’t just any old Brussels sprouts – we’ve added a few ingredients to make them extra tasty and festive for the holidays! (Get the printable recipe HERE

Here with the perfect side, also known as roasted brussels sprouts and spinach.
instructions for one of our favorite sides: roasted brussels and squash

Again, whether hosting your friends and family, or making a dinner for two – we hope these recipes bring you a bit of calm, and allow to you enjoy the moment simply being here.

Now, if you’ll excuse us – we have a few side dishes to get started.

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