Get Rid of Stinky Shoes with Essential Oils

If you’re anything like us, there is no slowing down.

If you’re anything like the moms (superheroes, whatever your chosen adjective) we know, nothing beats the fuel of coffee and comfortable sneakers.

But it seems the most comfortable shoes always suffer the most when it comes to wear. (AKA smells)

Glamorous? Debatable. Truth? You know it.

Moms can’t be held totally responsible for this… we understand the smelly culprit looks a lot like soccer cleats and pink ballet flats.

Either way, life gets hectic. And we’re not ready to give up the HGTV mudroom of our dreams… or at least making it smell good. Right, ladies?

White Blowfish Shoes

Here’s What You Need:

  • Purification Essential Oil
  • Witch Hazel – (We suggest alcohol-free for an all natural product.)
  • Glass Spray Bottle

1. Start by adding 30 drops of your purification essential oil into the glass spray bottle.

Purification essential oils and spray bottles

2. Fill the rest of the bottle with witch hazel. We suggest brands like Thayers or Dickinson’s witch hazel, but whatever you have on hand will do the trick.

3. Screw the top of the spray nozzle and shake. You can now use your shoe deodorizer spray on the inside of your shoes.

4. To deodorize your shoes overnight, spray your odor spray on the inside of your shoes and place them in a plastic bag. Allow them to dry.

We suggest making extras for gym bags and weekends spent away from home. Because that life on the go thing? Yeah, that’s not slowing down anytime soon.

Now… where’s the coffee?¬†White Blowfish Sneakers

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