Daytrip Trends: Hot Style, Even Hotter Prices

Navigating this season’s trends has proved to be easier than expected. 

Something about off-the-shoulder tops, bralettes, and detailed denim shorts have us convinced we could manage a few more in our closet line-ups. #TreatYourself

But the good news keeps coming. It looks like this treat comes with all the sprinkles and an easy price tag.

We call that a win.

White off-the-shoulder Daytrip top with stripes

Kinda like how this off-the-shoulder creme top can double for afternoon smoothies and date night with the significant other. Even if said other has four paws and a tail.

Though nothing quite says woman’s best friend than the perfect jean.

Even if high-low hems don’t fit traditional standards, we’re sure these jeans have an all access pass to our closets.

Kudos to anyone musing this effortless, cool-girl style with slingbacks, loafers, or slip-ons. (Suggestions here.)

Daytrip Burgundy Bralette

All Daytrip Bralettes – $19.95

But what is spring without a bralette refresh to elevate our basic tee collection?

Best Shades Include: Rich Burgundy, Soft Peach, Canyon Rose, and Classic Onyx

Detailed Daytrip Shorts

All Daytrip Shorts – Starting at $39.95

And if buying trends is like playing copy cat, then count us in for frayed shorts from Daytrip.

With stretch and a high-rise fit, we’re all thinking flip-flops, sand, and little umbrellas – no?

Detailed Daytrip Shorts

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