Gilded Intent’s latest collection is actual magic.

A breath of fresh air is a wonderful thing.

Even better, if you are visually inclined like us, a clean slate.

In this case, clean slate = empty closet and a little bit of a budget.

If we were building our closets from square one, that square would be packed with Gilded Intent. 


Lace-up t-shirt coming up this month! In the meantime, we recommend this paired with a strappy bralette.

Urban. Not something that one may expect from a brand dreamt up and mapped out in the Midwest, but here we are.

Standing on a foundation built with the understanding that sometimes life is just a little busy, but that our style shouldn’t have to be compromised.

Hello, Gilded Intent.


Lace-up and cut out tees, done better. Done with a little more care, a little more detailing, and with the spirit of ‘throw on and go’ in mind


Ripped denim (mid-rise) shorts are a must, you can see why.


Don’t forget the denim.

Minimalist hardware that high fashion friends vouch for and just enough destruction.

Because we believe in anything that promises to take the edge off.


Craving for a dark wash? Gilded has a high rise short you’ll love.

Perhaps the boldest fashion statement we want to be making is that we are simply comfortable. It’s a good thing to be, and Gilded celebrates that all great adventures find the girl who can be just that, comfortable.


On trend and on budget, Gilded Intent is speaking directly to our summer plans.


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