Women’s Shorts Guide 2017

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2019 Women’s Shorts Guide

Disclaimer:  The person writing this is not the person in these photos.

That disclaimer is somewhat necessary given the following sentence: For some, trying on shorts can be bit of a nightmare.

It’s not even the process, but mainly the THOUGHT of the process. You know, the possibility of you grabbing what you think should be your size, but when you try it on it gets stuck somewhere slightly above your knee, but below your butt and you’re left staring at yourself in the dressing room mirror silently cursing every Christmas cookie you ate two months ago.

That kind of nightmare.

So, consider this post a promise that that will not be you. No tears will be shed. And, as intended, shorts will be bought.


I dutifully tried on these shorts after hitting the elliptical for 35 minutes the night before. With that being said…

The above short is the BKE Payton, and curvy gals, you will love her.

The fabric is soft, but not so soft that the shape or fit is compromised after a few hours of wear. I also really like where this mid-rise hit, just below the belly button. Another perk, the mid-rise hits higher on your back. Bring on chasing kiddos.

Size suggestion:  Order one size down from your typical size.


KanCan managed to win us over when it comes to jeans, so why should shorts be any different?

Quick answer, they weren’t. These mid-rise shorts were exactly what I expected, and I thoroughly appreciate KanCan for that.

The short hits roughly two inches above the knee if you are 5’4″ (like myself), and hits high enough in the back that you could probably do some toe-touches without offending anyone.

Size suggestion:  Reference the size of your KanCan jeans. For me, that’s two sizes down from my typical size.


These Daytrips totally and completely won me over.

The Lynx fit is that best friend that knows what to say, what snacks to bring, and when to show up.

A little trendy destruction, complete with super soft fabric but a sturdy waistband = sold. The length is a compromise between bermuda and a hip-hop music video, I’m calling them “the Weekender”. Probably one of the best features of this short, though, is the blue. Medium 99, you’re a winner.

Size suggestion:  True to size.


If Spring Break were a short, she’d be a BKE Stella.

This low rise, is a LOW rise, but I love her for it. A shorty-short with a 2 1/2″ inseam = perfect for the beach, thrown over a swimsuit, basking in the sun.

Size suggestion: Size one up.

Overall, I found myself genuinely excited about the fabric used for each of these styles. Every piece was comfortable and fit the way the tag advertised. It wasn’t a guessing game on whether or not something would work.

Moral of the story:  trying on shorts doesn’t have to be a nightmare, at least where Buckle is concerned.

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