Good, Spring Fun

We are welcoming in spring with a bit of fun, and a few gifts that will help deliver on just that.

Our Spring Brand Event is going on now – complete with new arrivals from participating brands, and free gifts with purchase, including a paddle ball set.

So, lets refresh that seasonal wardrobe while getting outside and enjoying a little sun. New to the game? We have you covered. See below for a how to on getting started, and try not to let your competitive side get the best of you.

If playing with two players on each team:

  • Two players on each team
  • Each of those players needs their own paddle (you’re in luck!)
  • Each team uses one ball

Essentially, think of this as a combination of volleyball and ping pong. The goal is for the team members/players to volley the ball between each other with their paddles while standing equal distances between each other. If the team allows the ball to hit the ground (sand), or water – that team is out. The team that can continue their volley the longest without dropping the ball (literally) receives a point. Once a team gets to five total points, they win!

Another paddle ball game, would be circle game:

  • This game you can play with as few as two players (and on up)
  • Each player again has their own paddle
  • This time, there is only one ball in play

As the name of the game would suggest, all players would stand in a circle. But instead of constantly passing the ball between each other, the goal is to maintain a volley themselves a certain number of times before passing the ball onto another player using their paddle.

It starts simple enough, one player maintains their volley of two bounces before they pass the ball to another player. That next player maintains the same number of bounces plus one (so we’re up to three) before passing it on to the next player. So yes, the game gets increasingly harder for each player the ball gets passed to.

What happens if the ball falls and hits the sand or water? That player loses a point and the game is restarted with them. With the restart, the volley also restarts. So they would need to bounce the ball of their paddle two times before passing along to the next player to bounce three times, etc.

Once a player has lost a total of five points, that player is taken out of the game. The last player standing gains a point. But that’s not typically where the game ends. Actually, players are working to get a total score of five points, so to be the last player standing five times, before the game is over and there is a winner.

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