Hello, 2020

we're throwing resolutions out the door (kind of) - instead of focusing on reinventing ourselves, we're focusing on embracing us right now, and all of the little things that make life so great.

After the new Year is welcomed, the champagne flutes are put away and the confetti clears, the sense of urgency on how you’re reinventing yourself in the next 365 days starts to set in.

It’s a silly thing that we allow to build up, this idea that maybe we need something new to look forward to. But what if that something ‘new’ isn’t so new at all?

Instead it’s all you’ve accomplished leading up to this point. Each and every one of those steps forward, and the you that’s looking you back in the mirror right now.

Gives the New year a bit of a new outlook, huh?

let's make better, not over this year - and let's do it together

This year, we want to embrace the idea of making better, not over. The idea that we are already in a pretty great place, but there are still some things we are set out to do, to see, and (yes) to wear.

We have a whole year ahead of us to look forward to – full of more time to spend with friends and family, more time to tackle that daunting to-do list, maybe read a book, or see that movie you didn’t have time to see in theaters, and (hopefully) to develop a better relationship with folding laundry.

We’re resolving to enjoy more of the little things, and not trying to control what happens next.

Bring on a New Year of memories, music, laughs, and really great outfits.

This year is for YOU!

While you’re here – shop new!

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