A Fashion Forecast

As we bundle up for the 25th week of January, we start daydreaming of that seasonal switch, even though we know in our hearts we aren’t even to the half-way point of winter.

While the local weatherman keeps adding snowflake emojis to the upcoming days, we are finding comfort in doing a little forecasting of our own with the help of a few new pieces that have us avoiding the winter slump.

Sun-Soaked Colors

The trick to golden hour is making it last all day. So, cue the color, and then crank up the saturation. We are SURE that these hues will brighten up the days ahead.

Not completely forgetting the tune of sweater weather, there are some new hits of color in knits too, which really helps to keep those staple pieces interesting.

Chance of Destruction

Outpost Makers Flannel // Alec Straight Stretch Jean // Daytrip Pointelle Sweater // KanCan Signature Jean

Nothing says ‘warm-up’ like destructed denim, so we are building a vision board of our own centered around that fact.

Get into destruction early with strategically placed wear and tear that will keep you trendy, without compromising your warmth (too much, anyway). Another option? Go for destructed denim with backing – so you get all the cool kid vibes without *any* skin in the game.

Partly Cloudy, Always Comfy

Ahh, the pieces that keep giving. The trends of 2020 are bold, but also *so* comfortable – which already puts this decade in the (fashion) history books.

We absolutely love how it’s suddenly on-trend to be comfortable, and we are joining the ranks thanks to looks like these that add a little of that so-soft feeling to every day.

So, while we are aren’t quite a meteorologist, we are feeling pretty confident this forecast will get you through the week, month, winter, without too many surprises. Make sure you share how you are styling new (and old favorited) pieces from Buckle by tagging us (@buckle) and using #BuckleStyle!

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