Hello, Old Flame. Welcoming Back Denim Skirts.

More than a few hearts have been broken by a girl wearing a denim skirt. It’s the embodiment of summer, youthful living, and those late nights turned early mornings.

We are firm believers in the Marie Kondō’s method of tidying up, an idea that you only keep what genuinely brings you joy to own. That being said, we still have the denim skirt that made an appearance in our senior pictures ten years ago.

Are we romanticizing our old denim skirts? Sure we are. But now we are ready to expand the collection, welcoming more good times in the process.

Meet the girls – as in, the denim skirts that are sure to become your warm weather go-to.

Ranging from short and sweet with a touch of destruction, to light-washed raw edge, and finally updated detailing that takes this ’90s trend and places it in the heart of 2018.

As easily paired with basic tanks and bodysuits, as they are that favorite worn-in tee. Kind of like that friend you can go without seeing for months but fall right back in sync with.

We guess that’s probably at the root of our infatuation with this denim comeback kid. A best friend that never really changed, but just got better.

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