2-Piece Sets: A Match Made in Heaven

Add some fun to your closet this season with a two-piece set. The 3-in-1, foolproof outfit formula that in our opinion lets you live life to the fullest.

Let us introduce you to the Billabong set already in stores and online, a perfect cropped blouse, wrap-skirt duo we all love oh so much.

Time for some math…the fun fashion kind with minimal numbers. We promise.


Option 1: All together now.

cropped blouse + wrapped skirt + block heel = stress-free styling (bingo!)

Option 2: Go solo.

wrapped skirt + shirred tank top x denim jacket = late night dancing with the gals

Option 3: Top it off.

cropped blouse + destructed jeans + platform sandal = an event filled Saturday


While we will readily admit math isn’t our strong suit, these outfits add up to be an overall win in our book (books = closet).

So now it’s time to pack for your next vacation and you’ve got limited space in your carry-on.

✔️ Pro traveling tip: matching sets.

And Moon & Sky’s newest set is the perfect adventure companion for your next excursion.

Maximizing versatility and wearability making packing for your trip easy & breezy.

The skirt/shirt combo isn’t the only set we are swooning over…

These two-piece sets come in a ton of combinations, making it simple to find your match made in heaven.


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