Hey, Dude – The Evolution of the Guest Favorite

Sometimes you just hit a home run, and Hey Dude‘s record is nothing short of hall of fame worthy. This guest favorite shoe brand started on the men’s side, but has taken our women’s footwear selection by storm, and it doesn’t feel like there is any slowing down. So, how do you make something that is already so perfected, so loved, so essential to the every day that much better? Well, you make it exclusive.

We sat down with our buying teams to talk their process working with Hey Dude to design styles you will only find at Buckle, and what makes the brand one you reach for again and again – regardless of where you’re heading. Maggie, from our Women’s Merchant team, and Megan, from our Men’s Merchant team, will take it from here!

First things first, why partner on exclusive styles with Hey Dude?

Megan: No one knows our guest better than we do, by Hey Dude offering us this flexibility we are able to put our Buckle “DNA” into just about every pair making each style unique to our guest!

Maggie: Exactly! We always want to give our guest the best shopping experience possible, and that includes giving them product they can ONLY find at Buckle!

Where do you start?

Megan: Oh my … over the years we’ve learned what our guests likes so try to keep that in mind but also love getting inspiration from current fashion trends to keep our guy coming back for more!  In the beginning our guy eased in with greys and blacks and now he’s rocking the all over prints and bright colors! As designers and buyers we LOVE seeing this progression!

How do you work with Hey Dude throughout the process? Do you both bring ideas?

Maggie: We work super close with Hey Dude, numerous e-mails daily! We both bring new and exciting ideas to the table. It is like a marriage!

Megan: We love building product and love pushing our vendors for newness. Luckily Hey Dude respects our crazy ways and sends us the latest and greatest as often as possible! Pushing the envelope and getting outside of our comfort zone is when we grow the most, and who doesn’t want to grow business?!

What’s your favorite part of the process?

Maggie: The best part is seeing our exclusive special make-ups come to life – from swatches and Pantone numbers to the first time to seeing the sample as a whole. 

Megan: DESIGN! I love that Hey Dude shipments barely make it into the store before our AMAZING sales team have them gone!  Why do I love this? Because it opens the flood gates of possibilities for the brand. We’re able to test new fabrics, outsoles, fun linings and new silhouettes.  The possibilities are limitless!

How many Hey Dude styles (or shoes in general) do you own?

Megan: Too many shoes to count.  I purchased my first pair of Hey Dudes on a Market trip where I had walked 2 – 16 hour days and to say my feet were sore is an understatement. I found the nearest Buckle store, bought a pair of Hey Dudes and have been walking on clouds ever sense.  Easily in the top 3 most comfortable shoes I own!  

Maggie: Ohhhhh – I can’t even count how many total shoes I own. If we are just talking Hey Dude though, I have enough for a week’s worth of outfits (or more).

What’s your favorite Hey Dude style?

Maggie: Love the Wendy in any and all animal prints, or a bold color!  

Megan: The Wally of course! 😊 (make sure you check out this suede option!)

Why should someone buy their own Hey Dudes?

Megan: Comfortable – check, easy – check, fun – check! (can’t find check mark emoji) haha

Maggie: Why shouldn’t they is the real question! We rave about the all-day comfort, the high quality materials used, versatility, and the great value!

In closing, there is a lot we could say about Hey Dude, but you guys just do it better:

See this Five Star Review!
“Hey Dude brand is so well made. I have 6 pairs of this incredibly comfortable brand. As a teacher they’re the best shoes to wear all day running around from classroom to classroom.” – Lorily55
See this Five Star Review!
“Love them! The best slip on shoes out there. The fit is true to size, and so light weight.” – Dmac95

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