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We all were on the same page that this summer was going to look and feel a little different. The beach days got moved to the backyard, and the big get-togethers were traded in for intimate gatherings from a distance. While we weren’t exactly the globe trotters we had hoped to be over the past few months, we were able to do something that we haven’t in a really, really long time.

Slow down.

Rediscover some hobbies, some shows, some comfy pieces that may just prove to be staples moving forward, and honestly really rediscover what living the inspired life means.

Typically, we turn to our surroundings for inspiration. But when your surroundings stay relatively stationary for months on end, you get a little more creative. This summer we fell in love with getting dressed again. And while that feels a little cheesy to be writing, I truly mean it. It really became less about the trend (although the love for tie dye runs deep over here), and became more about the feel-good feeling you get from all of those go-tos that you can’t pack a bag without, even when you know it’s just for a weekend.

From those grunge, over sized tees that proved to be the most versatile item in your closet, to that pair of jeans you bought for that first out-of-living room outing – this summer made clothes exciting again. Now as we look back on a season known for the heat, we’re keeping it cool – and taking our new-found favorites right into fall without blinking.

So, here’s to getting the dressed and making the most out of the day, regardless of where it leads you – and even if that means to your porch.

We’ve learned that living the inspired life is really what you make it.

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