Holiday Dressing 101: For Her

The holidays are one of the best, and busiest, times of year – so let’s just take a breather and talk style for a second.

Between the holiday parties, family dinners, cozy hangouts, and the gift exchanges, what are you going to wear?

Well, we have a few thoughts…

What to Wear to…Friendsgiving

It’s entirely too easy to get swept up in the holiday spirit (i.e. events, to dos, and to buys), so Friendsgiving is one we always take the time to recognize and give a little breathing room in that effort.

For what to wear, we love keeping it comfortable and casual but not without a little risk. Think seasonal staples turned up a notch for a little added fun, like taking that oversized sweater and layering it over a top with a bold pattern. It’s exactly how *you* would wear it, which is why your friends love you (and are always doing outfit checks with you before heading out the door).

The comfort factor really comes in with the jeans – something with a little added stretch but that doesn’t lose its shape at all throughout any of the seemingly twelve courses. We’d recommend our favorites by BKE.

After all, the only thing better than the food – are the people.

What to Wear to…Black Friday Shop

It’s the time we’ve all been waiting for – the season of shopping!

Kidding, kind of.

But not really.

For us, the weekend of Black Friday is its own form of holiday – a time meant for checking of the list (yours and theirs) and when we really turn up the fun on holiday dressing. Think tweaks. to those go to cold weather outfits – swapping an oversized sweater for a bold print, or a thermal for rich velvet hints that are sure. to stop the show in its tracks.

This is also where black denim really comes to play – we love how the darker washes add a more elevated spin even on a casual outfit.

Last (but definitely not least) one of our personal tricks to bringing a bit more fashion to any look, even the most basic. A great coat. Whether adding in more texture, introducing another print, or truly for the function – a coat has the power to complete a winter look over any other add on.

What to Wear to…Family Dinner

Now that we’ve turned on the fun, there’s no true going back. For family dinner we are loving a fashion sweater paired with a dark jean that still has a touch of casual at the hem with a bit of well-placed destruction. By leaning into seasonal tones this go-to outfit takes. on a more holiday feel, and when paired with a boot with a bit of a heel, it’s definitely one your sisters are going to ask to borrow immediately after.

What to Wear to… Holiday Baking Day

Holiday baking and decorating calls for holiday casual which truly only means one thing – it’s officially time for the oversized cardigans to shine. Since we know this is also the perfect day for a few (dozen) photo ops we thought we would turn up a few of our current must-have casual trends. Cue these Bearpaw boots that are all of our wishlists and warm socks that bring in a little fun.

With that cardigan we are loving a top with a bit more detail – whether that come in shape, color, or something like buttons (see above for true inspo).

Finally, the jeans that will make you forget about those sweatpants for at least a solid 10-12 hours. Buckle Black denim is complete with shaping and smoothing pocketing that will hold you in and keep you comfortable even after going up and down a ladder 20 times to get those ornaments perfect, and even after that fifth cookie.

Truly, the perfect holiday casual outfit does exist.

What to Wear to…Secret Santa Swap

You did all of the research, the sneaking into their favorite stores (Buckle, naturally), and now it’s time for the big reveal – the perfect gift.

So, we went bold and love the outcome. Starting this one with the shoe trend that’s stolen our hearts (and wallets) this year – a western boot with a statement of it’s own.

From there, we’re bringing in a skinny jean with some destruction – to keep true to our seasonal favorites in dark washes but leaning a bit more casual. Then, the extra wow-factor. A pop of color that says you’re here to holiday. This isn’t your average neutral-coordinated Christmas (although they always have a coveted place in our line-ups) – but instead we are embracing everything from color in our shackets to true layers.

It is the time to be both merry and bright, after all.

Wherever the holidays take you, we wish you comfort and joy, and an outfit that is just that.

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