Holiday Dressing 101: For Him

It’s a busy time of year, so let’s make one thing a bit easier, getting dressed.

From the date nights to the family meals to the big gift exchange, this is the season where one good outfit just isn’t going to cut it.

And that’s where we come in. An outfit for all of those holiday events from the laidback to the ones that call for you to be dressed to the nines.

So, let’s go through a practice run of sorts. One that doesn’t require any added effort (we know you have a lot going on) – but one that will have you ready to ace whatever your calendar throws at you.

First up, a favorite holiday for most of us, so much so it requires a second (maybe third) helping… Friendsgiving.

What to Wear to…Friendsgiving

As we said, bring on the food.

Friendsgiving is one of those ultimate holidays for the reason of… you guessed it… friends, family, and food.

There’s just something that cues the warm feeling when a day brings together all of your favorite things. For what to wear, we’ll make this one pretty easy (and comfortable). Our insider tip – it all boils down to jeans that stretch to keep up with whatever is on the menu. From there, we’re adding a vest over a favorite sweater. A combination that brings a level of effort but doesn’t skimp on the comfort or a little added warmth for that post-meal drink around the fire outside.

Another fool proof option – a flannel. A thicker, softer version of your favorite button-up makes for the perfect winter wear.

Bringing it all together, boots. You might think that could be a bit of overkill for November, but the chance of snow is still in the forecast and the day might stretch into the chillier nights (if your friends are anything like ours).

A second piece of the Friendsgiving pie brings us into our second holiday dressing event (of sorts) – Sunday football hangs.

What to Wear to… Sunday Football Hangs

Some may argue that sports seasons aren’t a holiday – but we know the truth. Where there are sports, there is food, a few drinks, and plenty of good people to celebrate the win (we hope) with.

Further from the top of your mind, but a piece you need to consider none-the-less, what to wear. When true fan gear isn’t in the cards, there’s only one combination that comes to mind – fan gear in its own right but instead of a favorite team, it’s our go-to brands. Given the time of year, we’re opting for a sweatshirt complete with that recognizable logo (or a favorite beverage) and another round of stretch denim – this time because we know you’re going to be up and down with the highs and lows of the game.

For shoes, let’s keep it classic with a pair of Hey Dudes or sneakers to make sure you’re comfortable.

Next up, we’re heading to mom’s for dinner.

As for what to wear, here’s what we suggest.

What to Wear to…Family Dinner

We know what makes moms everywhere happy, and that’s seeing her kids dressed up (just a bit) without no holes in site. Add a nice pair of shoes, and it’s game over.

So, for dinner with the family we have an elevated sweater in a seasonal hue paired with black denim. The hack, an *almost* dress pant but without having to skimp on the comfort factor since we know dinner calls for an all-day plan.

And while we’re at the parents, let’s get truly in the spirit of the season. Let’s do some decorating…

What to Wear to…Decorate the Tree

There is something a little extra special about decorating the tree with the ones you love – and add in some brownie points when you bring some of the décor outside as well.

Important here – keeping it easy with a layer or two that you can shed or add as the day goes on. To wear, we say start with a slightly elevated tee, then add a sweatshirt for that added warmth. Bring in a beanie and a pair of Hey Dude and a dark wash jean for the outfit to truly come together and to compliment that special someone you’re helping.

Second option – taking a more fashion focused approach to those layers – if you’re all about plaid, that is. That way whatever is next on the holiday to-dos, you are ready.

So, regardless of the weather, the occasion, or who you’re with – here’s what to wear.

Make it merry this holiday season, shop Buckle.


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