How To: Build Your Valentine’s Day Box

It’s a project that comes up every year, and every year the Pinterest ideas get the best of us. Building them the perfect box for all of those valentines they are sure to get come February 14th.

From heart-shaped skee-ball machines, to grounded hot air balloons – the ideas are limitless, but our skillsets… not quite so much.

So, this year we wanted to find a box that was equal parts fun and adorable, while also being completely doable for all of you busy parents adding those finishing touches into the night the day before.

First things first, let’s start with what you’ll need to pull this off:

  • Small to Medium Sized Box
  • Wrapping Paper or Card stock
  • Ribbon
  • Pom-poms 
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Iridescent Wrap
  • Crafting Knife

If you’re wanting to add a little more personality – we also suggest letting your mini pick out a few stickers that really represent their personality and/or interests.

Now, for the fun part – the actual build.

Step One: Create the Camera

The body of the box is arguably the most important part, knowing that it will soon be holding candy and notes.

  • To start, cut a hole in your box (remember this needs to be large enough for those valentines).
  • From there, wrap the box with wrapping paper (color is totally up to them, but we went with a seasonal favorite!)
  • Then cut a hole in the wrapping paper to align with the hole you first made in the box.

Step Two: Design the Front of Your Camera

Here’s where your camera really starts to come to life.

  • Start by cutting a strip of cardstock and tape the ends together to form a cylinder.
  • Then tape or glue a small section of iridescent warp to the end of the cylinder, creating a shiny lens effect.
  • Cut rectangles out of the cardstock and layer to make an eye hole for the front of the camera.
  • Add some extra love with a few heart stickers!

Step Three: Create the Strap and Design the Top

Now, for those final details that really bring your box to life.

  • Take your ribbon and use the hot glue gun to glue it under the wrapping paper layers.
  • Then take your pom-poms and glue over that area to mask where it is connected.
  • Repeat on the other side of the box.
  • Ok, final touch! Finish your camera by adding a button on top.

Now, you’re ready for that Valentine’s Day shoot (or at least classroom party).

If you go ahead and make your own version, please post on Instagram and tag @buckleyouth for a chance to be featured!

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