How To: Family Ornament Making

Holiday season is here, and we love everything that comes with it. For us, we’re all about traditions and spending time with family. One easy tradition to start is putting up the Christmas tree together and hanging keepsake ornaments you’ve either crafted yourself or have had in the family for years. 

If you’re looking for an easy Christmas craft to get into the holiday spirit, we have the activity for you! Your little ones will love creating their own ornament to hang on the tree!  

Here’s what you’ll need, keep in mind you can decorate your ornaments with any supplies you wish!

  • Colored popsicle sticks 
  • Card stock paper 
  • Twine 
  • Hot glue gun 
  • Utility or craft knife 
  • Scissors
  • Tiny pom poms 
  • Sparkly pipe cleaners 
  • Jingle Bells 
  • Glitter 

Let’s get started!

First, start by putting together your ornament tree shape. Each tree will need three popsicle sticks to create a triangle. Trim off one inch of one popsicle stick by cutting it with a craft or utility knife. Next, add glue to both ends of the trimmed popsicle stick piece and position the two full length popsicle sticks to make a triangle. Be careful, the glue can get hot!

To save time, cut your twine pieces in advance. The number of twine pieces will depend on how many ornaments you’re crafting. Cut each twine piece six inches long, then using hot glue, glue them to the top of the popsicle triangle and sandwich them between the popsicle sticks.

For the star or tree topper, we cut out a star template to save us some time! You can do the same or use any of the other supplies to dazzle your ornament your way! 

If you wish to have a star topper, trace an outline of the star onto card stock paper and repeat as many times necessary. Then, cut the stars out for as many ornaments you wish to create! You’ll do the same scenario with a tree trunk for the bottom of the ornament. Using card stock paper, cut your desired size and shape and be ready to glue them onto your ornaments! 

Glue your star and tree trunk onto your ornament, and you’re ready for the real fun…decorating!

You can decorate your ornaments however you wish using a variety of poms, glitter, and pipe cleaners. Get creative and have some fun, mom won’t mind the mess! Maybe just keep it all on the table. 

Here are a few ways we decided to decorate ours! 

We’d love to see how you decorated your ornaments! Share a photo of your ornaments on your tree and post it to Instagram, then tag us with @BuckleYouth!

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