Hot Chocolate Bar Build

Everyone has a few traditions that instantly bring you back to that time when… well, you finish the sentence.

For us, the holidays and cold weather always bring up a major craving for hot chocolate, and one of our favorite traditions that can be as over-the-top, or as simple, as you want to make it – a hot chocolate bar.

Especially today, as charcuterie boards make an appearance at almost any social gathering, we feel like it’s a justified time to bring our hot chocolate event in for consideration. Because who doesn’t love satisfying a sweet tooth every once and a while?

So, we’re making this easy – and delicious – just in time for the season full of friend and family get togethers.

First things first, gather your favorite things that happen to also be covered in chocolate. Since, in our expert opinion, the best pairing for chocolate is, you got it, more chocolate.

For us that meant a variety of chocolate bars with higher cocoa content, some cookies with a bit of other flavors (think peanut butter or peppermint), some whipped cream (DUH) and marshmallows, maybe even a few kinds. As for the hot chocolate itself, make sure you have the basics.

Some cocoa, a hint of vanilla, a bit of sugar (if you’re using unsweetened cocoa), and some milk (or water, depending on how you grew up making it), and a spoon.

Pro tip – sometimes a dash of salt can make it all the better.

But, the real trick to making a hot chocolate memorable – who you’re sharing it with.


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