How To: Gratitude Chain

As we enter the holiday season, it’s easy to focus on the mashed potatoes, turkey, and other scrumptious foods. But this year, we’re spending a bit of extra time to take a step back to remember what we’re grateful for. This easy DIY gratitude chain can be a fun activity to create with family on Thanksgiving Day and live as a centerpiece on the table! 

What you’ll need 

  • colored construction paper 
  • stapler 
  • markers 
  • scissors 

Now that you have the supplies, let the crafting begin! 

If this is an activity you plan to do on Thanksgiving Day, save some time by cutting the construction paper into strips the day before. You can download our PDF below to save more time or write on the strips ‘I am thankful for:’ and ‘I am grateful for:’ yourself! 

First, what are you grateful for? We’ll help you get started, we’re thankful for family, friends, and pumpkin pie just to name a few! 

Fill out as many strips as you wish – then it’s time to create the chain! Start by fastening the ends of each strip around the previous link and staple the ends together. Repeat as many times necessary and watch the gratitude chain grow.

Your gratitude chain is complete! Decorate your Thanksgiving table or where everyone can enjoy! 

Let us know if you create a gratitude chain this year! Share a photo and post to Instagram and tag us with @BuckleYouth so we can see your masterpiece. 

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