How to layer for spring – Tuesday Tips

We’ve been playing a game of “Truth or Dare” in our offices this week and it goes something like this…

Truth – You’re ready to break up with your heavy sweaters and slip into something breezy. It’s not a “goodbye”, it’s a see you later…

Dare – Keep your “layers are my friend” attitude, but… make new friends. Like these or these, or a bottle of wine – your choice.

And as far as stellar companionship is concerned, we’ve got a few friends of our own that totally embrace the “good things come in pairs” mentality. We went straight to our stylist, Jess for her favorite new layers BFFs for spring.


BKE Boutique Beaded Tank – $49.95

“Pair daytime metallics with a neutral bralette for a semi-casual feel. Add caged heels to instantly add allure to your outfit!”


Bralettes starting at $12.95


“Don’t underestimate the power of denim! The mix of floral, crochet and denim makes the outfit transitional from dressy to causal. Investing in a bold bralette will allow you to show off the details of your low-back dress.”



Bodysuits starting at $21.95

“Adding a delicate lace bralette to a low-cut bodysuit can make the look even more flirty and give you extra coverage! I’m loving lace-on-lace this spring and exaggerated necklines.”


Truth? Bralettes are literally the best thing to happen to girl world since leggings.

Dare? Play them up with lightweight layers. (We double dog dare ya.)



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