How to make more friends at the office this Earth Week.

Making friends in the office has never been easier.

Especially when it means greening up our spaces and sharing Earth Week love.

Our graphic designer, Jake has been propagating plants in water for a couple of years now, and we’re dishing his quick, easy tips.

(Cubicle buddies to follow.)

Jake is holding his plant in a glass jar, wearing a tentree t-shirt.

It’s important to make sure that the parent plant isn’t under drought stress before taking a cutting. Thoroughly water your plant for a couple of days before you pass along a cutting.

Taking a 3″ – 6″ section from the stem, make a clean, angled cut just above a leaf node that contains a growing tip off the parent plant.

Jake is trimming the leaf off of a plant in his tentree shirt and lokai balance bracelets.

Trim off any leaves from the lowest half of the cutting. Keep at least two leaves on each cutting.

A close up of Jake’s tentree tee and plant.

Place the cutting in water, making sure the stem is submerged and the leaves are hanging over the sides.

 Placing the cutting in a jar of water.

Place the jar where it will not be exposed to extreme cold or hot temperatures. Add water when needed to replace evaporated or cloudy water.

The cutting in the jar of water.

Once there are several roots in the jar, your cutting will be ready to be planted in potting soil.

Pass them along. Share the love. And protect our Earth.

Read tentree’s story and learn how they’ve planted over 12 million trees all over the world!

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