Spring Cleaning Calls for an App Refresh

While we love shopping, we understand that it can’t come first.

Family, friends, work, sleep, food – all priorities that tend to beat out a new top when it comes to want versus need.

While we weren’t in the original brainstorm of the Buckle app, we feel like similar reasoning went into it. Everyone loves a few new pieces in their closet, but not everyone (admittedly, no one) has time to swing into their favorite stores every day and see what has come in.

Voila, the Buckle app was born. (we think)

Then we had no excuses, we had the product right at our fingertips. Fast forward to April and we have an update that promises even more convenience and, yes, covetable items for your closet.

Here’s the quick run-through.

  1. Choose your store.
  2. Browse new product as it comes in.
  3. Filter that product by brand, gender, and product category.
  4. Reserve your size for pick up in store or 🌟 buy online! 🌟
  5. (if reserved!) Stop in your local Buckle and check out your items!

Again, we didn’t dream it up. But we love it like we did.

Download here.

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