How to Style Denim Jackets – Tuesday Tips

Word has it that Mom is always right. At least where outerwear is concerned. 

Don’t believe us?

How many times did mom tell you to grab a jacket only to be told that she shouldn’t worry because for some reason “we’ll be fine” took precedent over shivering in near arctic temps at the movies. Call it our attempt at survival?


Girl in camo joggers and white denim jacket.

Mom’s are always right. Which is why we’re not even going to pretend that we’re “OK” without a jacket this spring.

Girl sitting on pallets in camo joggers and a white denim jacket.

This ironically happens to be cool with us, considering we don’t currently have a light denim jacket like this one in our closet.

Girl in a white button-down and denim jacket.

But hey… we’re still suckers for a nostalgic denim throwback.

Girl in a white button-down, grey jeans, and a denim jacket.Which is probably why we’re giving special attention to this slightly destructed version.

The crisp white button-down underneath is… well… need we say more?  👌

Girl in a dress and patch denim jacket.

But if classic and vintage really isn’t your thing, then this jacket might just be for you.

Patches have made their comeback and we’re pretty sure no one is upset about it. Not even mom can argue with this jacket of many trades. (That was a joke.)

But then again… not really. Rip? Stain? PATCH IT.

Girl in a patch denim jacket and dress.

Word on the street? We’re no rookies. We grabbed a jacket.

(Check out even more ways to update your denim with paint and stitching.)

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