How to Summer, Behind the Scenes

There’s no denying it, we (finally) are easing our way into the warmer months. So just as sun-kissed skin is within reach, let’s rewind to early February as part of our team sat in negative temperatures discussing what summer was going to look like. Not to mention, what were we going to want to wear?!

Was it going to be another repeat of last year, full of comfy pieces that required little to no assembly? Were we ready to be… (whispers) optimistic?

Was style going to mean more than what TikTok had for us that week? Maybe it could go back to being something completely unique, sometimes weird, but always totally and completely you – which makes it undeniably cool?

After a lot of deliberation, and admittedly a quick browse of Reels and the aforementioned TikTok, we made up our minds. Deciding to go all-in, show our cards, and hope for the best. Landing in an oasis in Tucson, Arizona, with a vision to create an escape that most of us have been dreaming of for quite some time. This summer, we are going to summer in style.

For us, summer isn’t summer without some serious looks, good food, and a substantial amount of time being allocated to leisure. Which, we discovered, for our team quickly manifested into a giant tent full of tapestries, pillows you could sink into, and some (epic) moments near water (should have seen that one coming). As hairstylists and makeup artists created completely sun-kissed looks, our food stylists were making magic over our tablescape. While the prop masters were transporting us to full oasis mode, our stylists were making finishing touches that took each outfit and made it into a head-turning look.

The final result, a summer that undoubtedly is made for style.

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