How to Take Your Look From Boho to Basic

Still hesitant about trying on a style other than your known norm? No worries. Here is part three of our “How-To” video series revolving around helping you take that feared step – the step into a new style. This time we are looking at our Boho and Basic looks. These are both looks that you can easily pull off – check out how!

Starting with our Natural Beauty, Boho look, we focus on lace, fringe, prints like camo or navajo, and (of course) layers. This is a wide-ranging look that pulls together many elements. You will see this style use soft, muted colors, crochet stitches, and cotton lace. Finally, pull your Boho look together by cuffing your jeans or by wearing them tucked into your favorite boots.

Switch from our Boho to our Simply Perfect, Basic look by shedding a few layers. This look focuses on simple pieces that are powerful on their own. Overall, you’ll find a simplified color scheme in this look, but scarves are a great way to add some rich, vibrant color.

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