Introducing Affordable Luxury Denim by Candiani

In an ideal world where comfort and fit rule, that lonely stack of blue jeans in the corner of our closets (you know the one), would look less like collector’s items and begin to resemble our denim constants.

But something about our favorite pair of jeans, the ones that contour our body ever so perfectly, has us setting our denim standards as high as our heels.

(Sorry gents, ladies references are our specialty.)

And what do our high standards do to our closets? They leave our one-hit-denim-wonders in the dust.

Here at Buckle, we’re the type that are forever grateful for blues that measure up, because only then could we appreciate denim crafted by premium fabrications.

Candiani Denim At Buckle

Buckle Black Fit No. 53 Skinny Stretch – Only $89.95

The jeans our closets are rooting for?

Those constructed at Italy’s renowned Candiani Denim Mill, whose tradition in quality denim gave birth to luxury fabrications and whose efforts in being environmentally friendly have made them the #1 denim mill in sustainability.

Bragging rights = earned.

Candiani Denim at Buckle | Women's Buckle Black Jeans

So what makes Candiani Denim reign supreme?

Their dedication to a quality product. Candiani knows that the secret to a well-fitting jean comes down to the numbers.

Made with at least 90% cotton and 2% elastane, their jeans not only have a soft-to-the-touch handfeel, they mold to your body while retaining their shape all day long.

It’s a fit that’s unparalleled.

Candiani Denim at Buckle | Buckle Black Women's Jeans

But… just in case you’re interested in doing a side-by-side comparison with other luxury denim competitors, we’d be willing to let you in on a little secret.

Our luxury denim not only has the premium quality you’re looking for, but it stands alone in affordability.

(Something our buyers worked hard on just for you, our guests.)

Candiani Denim at Buckle | Outpost Jeans for Men

Outpost Makers Original Straight Stretch Jean – Only $98.00

Luxury denim under $100? Heavy Check Mark on Apple iOS 10.2

Luxury denim in your favorite Buckle exclusive brands and fits? Heavy Check Mark on Apple iOS 10.2Heavy Check Mark on Apple iOS 10.2

Women can find Candiani Denim fabrications in select Buckle Black styles, with men’s found in select Outpost Makers styles.

Two brands that are dedicated to quality, luxury denim where fabrication and fit rules.

Candiani Denim at Buckle | Men's Outpost Jeans

That ideal world we talked about earlier? Consider yourself there.Jeans on Apple iOS 11.1Sparkles on Apple iOS 11.1

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