The Straights That Will Have You Reconsider the Meaning of “Mom Jean”

Moms are having a serious fashion moment.

And a well-deserved one at that because our moms have been doing the whole “boss-babe hustle” for longer than we can remember… and they probably didn’t do it in leggings.

(In which we just want to say… THANK YOU, Mom.)

The jean that took them through it all?

You may remember it as the mom jean, but in fashion world we’ve seen innovation take the classic straight to new heights.

Offering subtle contouring through the hips and thighs with a relaxed, streamlined fit through the knee and ankle, this is the “get things done and look good doing it” jean, or better yet #denimgoals.

Ever since our moms found the fit that does it all, we’ve come to adopt their denim checklist as our new denim standards.

Because straight jeans are for every woman who’s ready to add a little more ease into their morning style routine without compromising style.

These aren’t like regular jeans, these are cool jeans.

(We pinky promise.) Call Me Hand on Apple iOS 10.3

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