Last-Minute Shopping? See How the Buckle Mobile App Can Help.

Nothing quite gets us in the wintertime blues than last-minute shopping. It’s the thing that takes us from caroling bliss to muttering, “bah, humbug” as we hope our gifts don’t scream “procrastination”.

And who could blame us?

Between navigating our new role as Secret Santa and ensuring that this year’s cookie exchange brings grandma’s peanut butter fudge, we’ve had a lot on our plates.

But lucky for you, we have the gift that keeps on giving.

Buckle Mobile App | Last-Minute Shopping Idea

And did we mention it’s now Android compatible?

Shopping from home + instant style reservations at your local Buckle with our mobile app has us singing songs of praise.

(Of the Michael Bublé/Mariah Carey assortment, obviously.)

Because how often can you say that you knocked out your entire Christmas list in your PJs?

…Not often enough.

Last Minute Shopping? Download the Buckle Mobile App

But all of that is changing, because after you download our mobile app and start reserving your favorite styles in the sizes you need, your reservation will be ready for pick-up within 24 hours.

Which means you can say, “catch you later” to shipping fees, and start saying, “hello” to your new title “gifting extraordinaire”.

Because when the back of your trunk looks this full, you might need a few extra hands* to unload the day’s goods.

*psst… Santa’s elves, not included.

Last Minute Shopping? See How the Buckle Mobile App Can Help

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