We’re giving thanks to our 2017 travels with a special Legacy Collection Jacket GIVEAWAY!

2017 took us to some pretty amazing places this year.

From our local airport with a single runway to nights spent under city lights, our jobs keep us forever inspired and forever thankful for adventure.

To celebrate said travels, we’re giving away a special limited-edition denim jacket from our Legacy Collection!

Paying homage to our roots, the Legacy Collection jacket symbolizes our strong ties to originality and wide open spaces, while each patch represents a favorite stop we’ve made along the way in 2017.

From New York to Utah and Kansas City to Chicago, there’s a lot of good travel, good people, and good times to be thankful for this year.

Check out our highlight reel for a behind-the-scenes look at where our legacy jacket has been. Then follow @gimmicks on Instagram for more details on how you can get entered to win our featured jacket!

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