Let’s Talk Stretch Denim

The jeans you live in should never hold you back – but instead give you the confidence to support the truest version of yourself. They should help navigate your path – not get in the way of it. They should feel comfortable, like they were practically made for you.

Which is exactly why we created BKE denim. We pushed the boundaries on what denim is, and how comfortable it can be with our stretch levels. These are the jeans with stretch that are truly made for you.

But first, let’s take a step back and talk about the jeans with no stretch – rigid denim. They’ll give you a vintage-inspired look while breaking in over time, becoming a go-to for the years to come. But if you’re looking for something that’s less fitted and a little more comfortable from the first wear, we have that too.

Our next level of stretch is comfort. This is classic denim with slight stretch that allows you to take on the day ahead without worrying about how your jeans will feel by the end. In fact, by the end of the day you won’t even want to swap them out for a pair of joggers (not an overpromise, we swear they feel that good.)

Still looking for that pair of jeans that feels worn in from the first wear, like you’ve owned them for years? Try a pair of our men’s or women’s superior stretch denim. This is our highest level of stretch and will feel like they’ve been in your closet from day one.

Next on the list is 4-way stretch. Made with stretch fabrics, these women’s jeans will offer a full range of flexibility. Making it to where you not only want to navigate your path, but you want to get out and chase it.

For a higher level of flexibility in men’s denim try our performance fabric. There’s no breaking in required with these, they’re ready to go when you are – never holding you back.

Pick your level, push boundaries, and become the truest version of yourself. That’s what BKE denim is made for.

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