Loungin’ All The Way!

Like anything you do in life (exercise, dinner dates, hang with friends) there’s an outfit for the occasion, and it’s no different when it comes to loungin’. That’s right, there is a proper attire specifically meant for you to have a little down time.

But wait, you might be thinking cute AND comfy don’t mix!.. Who says? Probably the same people who doubted the killer combo of teenage girls and vampires. We think cute and comfy are a dynamic duo (especially over the holidays) that deserves some credit. So, sit back, relax, and check out some holiday hints to keep you cozy and looking good:

Relax! We want you to take some time and slow down over the holiday break. Take a morning to lounge around, cuddle up by the fire, and have some hot coco.

Heading Home? BKE Lounge is perfect for traveling in the car or racing through the airport. Matching pants and jackets are perfect for that on-the-go look, and offer the style and comfort you need for the road-trip back home.

Stay Warm. Baby, it’s cold outside! You know what that means – time to layer up. Keeping cozy over the holidays is a must. Don’t be afraid to play with different pattern or color combos, and try mixing jackets with different pants or scarfs. Also, accessories are an easy addition to any loungewear piece – try cold weather head gear or casual footwear.

Gift It. This is a great gift option for mom, sister, that special someone – anyone, really! Give the gift of comfort this year, you can’t go wrong with a matching set. Below, our Visual Merchandising team put together a few of our favorite BKE Lounge combos.

Buckle wishes you a holiday filled with comfort and joy. We want to know, ‘how will you be loungin’ over the holidays’? Catching up on your favorite TV show? Starting that book you swore you were going to read? Camping out on the couch so you’re the first to see what Santa brings? However you plan to lounge, enjoy it even more in our BKE Lounge collection.

Shop BKE Lounge for more lounging options!


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