Make a Statement: How to Wear A Statement Necklace

If you’re used to picking accessories based on what complements your outfit, it’s time to step out of your comfort zone and give the opposite a try. Pick an outfit based on what complements your accessories! More specifically, build a look around a statement necklace! Get your favorite bold necklace ready, because we’re sharing our top three tips for making a statement with stones.


Duplicate Strong Features


Choose the boldest element of your necklace and make it pop! Whether it’s a color, shape, or pattern, choose pieces of clothing that subtly repeat that unique feature at other points in the outfit. To achieve the desired effect, you’ll want to make sure your other accessories support, but don’t outshine, the necklace. Neutrals and complementary colors should do the trick – just keep them smaller and less shiny!
Go Basic



Don’t feel pressured to choose clothes that live up to the glitz and glamour of your necklace. In fact, playing down the core of your outfit with a basic look will actually play up the detailed statement piece! Use the clothing as a simple contrasting backdrop to showcase the jewelry.


Layer Up



This strategy is all about framing your focal piece. Start by selecting a shirt and top layer with a combined neckline that mirrors the shape of your necklace. Then, add longer basic necklaces to create yet another outline. When it all comes together, the eye will be drawn to the heart of these lines where your necklace takes center stage!



What’s your statement? Show us how you’re rocking this trend by sharing your tips and examples below!


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