Street Surf Style: Featuring Kole

Meet Kole, the newest addition to our marketing team. You’ll rarely see him without his longboard and a smile. He’s got a unique, laid-back style that we’ve dubbed “street surf” here in the office. Today, we’ve asked him to share his favorite tips and must-haves for capturing this distinct summer-inspired look. It’s all you, Kole…

This summer is stirring up new fashion statements for men. We have fresh threads for our bottom half, arresting prints, deft color options, and a well of accessories to work with. Take a dive with me into this year’s wave of surf-inspired wardrobe trends.

HYBRIDS. You’ve got to try these on. Trading up to the soothing feel of hybrid shorts just makes sense. Hybrid shorts serve every role that warm weather necessitates. Hit the greens, the docks, the streets – it doesn’t matter. Hybrids are built from the ground up to function on land and water. They wear like lightweight boardshorts, yet have a clean-cut image. The combination makes for a complete package that rolls anywhere you dare to go.

PATTERNS. Southwestern, tie dye, and floral patterns are in. Repping the patterned look instantly takes you from no level to top level form, giving your outfit a unique focal point. You stand out, and that’s the point. Rock it with slick hybrids or vintage washed jeans to keep it nice and balanced. Check out brands like Micros and Topo Ranch for some southwestern heat, BKE and Hurley for that tie dye piece, and Billabong and 7 Diamonds for their blooming floral selection.

JOGGERS. Man, are these sick. Back with a vengeance, this 90’s trend is modernized and here to stay. This style represents the best of both worlds: the slim, tailored leg of a skinny with the comfortable, casual upper fit of a relaxed pant. Start with a tank, toss on a woven with the sleeves rolled, and you are cruising like a wave. Sweatshirts and long tees work for this look too. Now pair these quasi cuffed chinos with low-top Nikes and you have a hip, effortless presence that’s versatile enough to take you to the beach, work, or the club… all on your board of course.

PHOTO REAL.  My favorite shirt style has to be the photographic tee. With a photo real tee, you can make a subdued statement that will get people asking “where did you score that?” Use your body as a canvas to display eye-popping colors, elegant graphic design, and expertly framed photography. Hook up hybrids in the right hue to pull color from the tee, and seal it with striped Stance socks. To paint this picture, hit up Reef, Bowery, and Single Barrel for tees that excite. Check out Billabong, Neff, and O’Neill for tanks that ignite.

ACCESSORIES.  Long socks, bracelets, and bandanas – these are a few of my favorite things.  Use these as tools to chisel the final touches into your stone cold outfit. Long socks and low-top skate shoes belong together, and they look legitimate decked out with patterned or photo real tops. For those outfits that need a drop of color added to their palette, splash some on with bracelets or a bandana. The latter can be loosely tied around the neck and paired with a solid color woven to wrap up a casual yet classy look. For those days when you just aren’t feeling it, tuck a bandana in your back pocket, or tie one around your ankle to serve up a small slice of visual interest.
Experiment and imagine the possibilities when you complement these pieces with one another. The results can be staggering. Keep it real, my friend.

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