Meet the A Team: Boots & Skinnies

Denim and boots – the peanut butter and jelly of fall fashion, and we love PB&J.

(if you are feeling generous, creamy pb and strawberry j)

We hear all of the great things about flannels and sweaters – but where would we be without pants and shoes?

Probably in jail – or at least in very uncomfortable situations.

It’s a good point, we know.

So – if we are to overindulge in all of the comfy goodness that comes with fall trends, our actual essentials better be packing a high quality punch.

We aren’t sure your list of denim priorities, but ours goes something like:  fit, color, and detailing.

That being said, our top picks have a lot to do with unfinished hems, clean (dark) washes, and some beautiful whiskering.

When it comes to styling, we like to play with cuffs. A hefty cuff for our favorite destructed denim, a baby cuff to compliment the statement boot – and ditch the cuff when you are making room for that loafer in your life.

If that isn’t quite making you feel confident – think about the last conversation you had with your best friend.

Both of you taking turns to talk, taking turns to listen – and remaining comfortable throughout.

If you are a tried and true skinny gal – don’t feel the need to don a pair of mom jeans (however, they are awesome – if you are contemplating).

If you really think bootcut is where it’s at – we aren’t about to tell you otherwise.

That being said – we are in the business of shoes that feel as good as they look (and we want them to look dang good).

Now – about that PB&J.

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