White Crow: Laid-Back Style (& Prices)

Women smiling while sitting in a chair placed ourdoors. Women wearing clothing from the store Buckle, including White Crow tropical floral tee and Daytrip Refined Skinny Jeans.

Searching for deliberate laid-back style? You’ve come to the right place.

Meet one of our best friends: White Crow.

Their clothing will make you dance a little dance, twirl a little twirl, and grin ear to ear because it’s easy on the eyes and the wallet too.

Women twirling her hair while wearing a White Crow navy front-tie dress from the store Buckle.

Women’s White Crow Front-Tie Dress – $38.95, paired with a BKE Ribbed Bralette – $29.95.

Take this little navy dress for example: sassy, cute, and fierce – not three words that normally go together, except they seem to here.

…and at $38.95 that is reason enough to add it to your wardrobe.

Women twirling while wearing a White Crow navy front-tie dress and Not Rated brand spring heels from the store Buckle.

Something about just keep twirling… right?

To make your feet happy too, we have strong opinions about these heels for warmer weather.

Next up, an everyday ensemble.

Take a walk on the flirty side with a tropical-inspired floral tee and Mediterranean-inspired gladiators.

Close up photo of women wearing White Crow's Palm and Hibiscus Floral Tee from the clothing store Buckle.

Women’s White Crow Palm & Hibiscus Floral Tee – available mid-April.

We spy hibiscus and bird of paradise flowers, palm and monstera leaves. 🙂

Floral and pockets have that instant happiness effect.

Formula for the outfit above and infinite iterations? Basic top + laying shirt + comfy bottoms.

…and Voilà (wa-lah, for those of us rusty on our French 😉).

We think you will be delighted to hear that White Crow also has dresses, tees, and joggers all in camo too! Cue the mad rush to collect them all, because we hear camo may just be the new neutral.

Can you tell we’re a little wrapped up in White Crow?

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