Men’s Short Trend Report

It’s no secret we hold the belief that denim is a year-round staple, but as the temp. starts to take a turn toward warm, we are willing to make an exception to our line-up.

Every year, without fail, we find ourselves looking for something just a little lighter, just a little cooler, and just a little more – well – warm weather inclined. This is where our short trend report comes in, breaking down a few of our favorites for those days when we want to lose the length and keep it simple.

First up, the do-it-all short that every guy needs to know.

Hybrid Shorts

We call it a do-it-all short because that’s the truth, hybrids are quick-drying, durable, and comfortable – need we say more? (we will, anyway)

Comparable to that friend who truly makes everything look easy, hybrids are a short that can be worn to just about every spring and summer function and fit right in. We’re carrying options from go-to favorite brands like Hurley and BKE and included a few inseams and colorways to ensure that everyone has a hybrid in rotation.

Realistically, you could live in hybrids through the warmer months. And truth be told, we just might.

E-waist Shorts

Looking for the pulled-together feel of a hybrid with some built-in comfort? We got you.

We could make the argument that the ideal off-duty short comes with an elastic waistband, which is why e-waist shorts are a need to know this spring and summer. Coming in all of the traditional colorways you know and love, plus a few fun, trending prints, the e-waist short is newer to our collection but one that’s here to stay. Great for days full of to-dos, or days where you are set on keeping it chill – e-waist options look good without any added effort.

Active Shorts

Consider this permission to get out and go.

And go, and go, and go.

Active shorts are actually trending, and there really isn’t anything anyone can say about it. Blame it on a year where we all got a little more comfortable at home, or simply call it coming around to the idea that getting dressed doesn’t always need to be a polished result, whatever justification you want to embrace – just know we have your back on this one.

Taking the favorite elastic waist feature, and combining it with relaxed fabrics we honestly really love the look of an active short paired with your go-to graphic tee, sunnies, and flips for a look that can hang with the best of them.

Denim Shorts

We’re going to come right out and say it, we love a jort.

And you should do – especially when it comes to fit.

If we can get the exact jean fit that has become our go-to in an option with less length, we’re invested – which is why denim shorts from BKE and Departwest are some of our all-time favorites. Also making a major appearance this year, some streetwear-inspired details – which are ensuring that this short option is on everyone’s watch list.

Unsure of how to wear? This spring we’re opting for more of a vintage styling, sneakers and all.

Making our honorable mentions, the cargo short. After all a relaxed fit = a relaxed look, which is why cargo shorts are a classic that holds it’s place on our radar. Another essential? The boardshort. Which calls for a line that even dad would approve of –

Dive right into our favorites.

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