Women’s Short Trend Report

Long story short, the temps are rising and shorts are starting to make an appearance in our carts and closets. Patiently awaiting their turn in the sun, we thought we’d be proactive and break down the shorts we are claiming as the ‘ones to watch’ this season (and make yours, should you want).

From the classics to a few newbies, here are the shorts we’re going to be living in the moment 80 degrees hits.

Biker Shorts

 If this trend report ranked shorts as female pop stars, biker shorts would be our Britney.

A short that takes just the right amount of fashion and function and results in a head-turning look. From Princess Di to all of our TikTok stars out there, biker shorts have become a reliable staple that resonates across generations. From oversized sweatshirts, to the ever-trending band tee, to a blazer – the biker short is a trend we are going all-in on this summer – and think you should too.

Denim Shorts

It’s undeniable – everybody loves a classic. This is especially true for this warm weather staple that just keeps getting better year to year.

Denim shorts – a closet essential. We are willing to bet you have a go-to pair, even. The pair you grab when throwing on an oversized button-up and slides, or the pair that lives harmoniously within all of your memories from the lake. Those denim shorts.

This season, we are suggesting introducing a new number to the line-up. Denim shorts that go a step past staple and become a statement. Ones that you want to show off – and may even plan an outing around. Sound like something you’re into? You’re in luck.

Black Shorts

Entertain us for a moment. Picture your favorite girls’ night out black denim, remember the slightly elevated edge they give you – now cut them short. How short? Well that’s really up to you.

Black denim has become a welcome substitute for our true blues, so we feel the same should be said in the warmer months. Our argument? See for yourself.

Soft Shorts

Soft shorts are the trend that the year of being homebound has given us and we are not holding back. Truth be told, these comfort-first shorts aren’t just for lounging around anymore. When you see the styles from brands like Z Supply and BKE, you’ll want to make sure to get out, and maybe snap an Insta or two.

Destructed Shorts

The summer months are almost upon us, which means more skin becomes more acceptable, and who are we to argue with the rules? We immediately gravitate toward that effortlessly cool lived-in destruction that has become synonymous with summer – even those of us (guilty) that swear by the impact of clean denim.

From small details to totally destroyed, we are packing the impact in this short category – really having some fun with everything from wash to length.

On the topic of length, we want to remind you that not everyone loves a short short (but hats off to those who do). We come in all shapes and sizes, and so do our shorts – and lengths! From weekender to midi to shorties – there’s a little something for everyone depending on your inseam preference.

Oh, and just in case you’re wondering what we’re impulse buying, these Levi’s are coming home with us today. 😉

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