“On Wednesdays We Wear Pink”

Quoted every girl born in the early 90s with a laugh.

But it looks like this joke is on us. Looking past the “Plastic’s” superficial girl squad rules, we’re a little envious of their monochromatic color schemes… and good hair.

So we want in.

Sure, this isn’t quite pink on pink, but it’s a vest that even Regina George would nod in approval of.

Sorry, Karen. Should have worn these with yours.

Speaking of Karen, we are still iffy on her selling the ‘sexy mouse’ costume, but we do think she is onto something.

After all, an all-black ensemble has never lead us astray.

This outfit was made for casual Fridays at the office, followed by after hours drinks. Duh


Gimmicks Top, White Jeans 

But then again, so is black’s counterpart. All white is ready for spring, along with our closets.

First thought:  so fetch.

Second thought:  Regina may actually be right about that not happening.

Third thought:  All-white is the type of gambling our wheelhouse can support.

And if those shades aren’t quite for you, grey has some serious potential as your new go-to.

Besides, Damian wants his pink shirt back.

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