The Ins and Outs of Festival Wear

Live music, deserts, and funky clothing with a bit of an edge. Sound familiar?

We’re here to navigate festival season in all of it’s mystic and slightly sweaty glory.

Don’t: flower crowns.

Do: Floral prints. Or really, any print. We especially love this floral take on an off-the-shoulder ruffle. Swim by day and dancing queen-eligible top by night. Throw-on and go is our festival mantra.

Don’t: denim underwear.

Do: Shorts with a little something to offer. AKA, crochet detailing and a raw hemline that gives the little effort, but not unraveling any moment, vibe.

Don’t: heavy fabrics ( suede, fur – no, thank you).

Do: Flared pants, walk-through skirts, and dresses. Find where structured and care-free meet and set up camp. After all, less is more with everything except statement jewelry.

girl on beach in white walk-through maxi skirt and pink lace bralette walking between palm trees

Coco Jaimeson skirt & Daytrip bralette – coming next week!!

Don’t: platforms.

Do: Strappy sandals. Less chance of hurting yourself and/or others. Also, at the risk of sounding like your parents, far less time digging dirt out of your shoes later.

Don’t: Sleep.

Do: Dance and sing your heart out, after all, that’s why we’re here. Right?

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