National Mentoring Month: Find your local chapter.

This past October our teammates attended our state’s mentoring program called TeamMates (we thought it was clever, too), in Lincoln to support over 100 chapters in various communities.

Here, we gained more perspective on mentor/mentee relationships, and even got to meet a few special faces (Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood, cough cough).


But what was truly inspiring was seeing the programs own success with mentoring our state’s students. With staggering facts like the one’s below… there is an immense desire to close the current mentoring gap in America, and help our youth SUCCEED. To find out more information and facts about mentoring at a national level, please visit MENTOR – the national mentoring partnership. fact_1



Wanting to become a mentor, or find out more about your community’s involvement with mentoring? Find your chapter with MENTOR’s easy mentoring database. You can even find a mentor for a child! Ready? Set. Change lives!






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