Style envy, mom edition: Meet Chelby


Often the unsung hero, and often the only hero we really need.

People often joke that motherhood isn’t the most glamorous job, and we get that. But somehow, between the sticky fingers and emptied toy box, moms manage to be just that. Glamorous.

So, here we are. Talking about a mom of two here at Buckle that looks more put together than we ever do (and we only have a cat to worry about).

If Chelby isn’t at Buckle, she may be at her and her husband’s business downtown, City Auto. Or if it’s the weekend, definitely look for the lady with two adorable kiddos in an antique shop.

Oh, and just wait until you read her daughter’s birthday party theme. We are still gushing over how ridiculously adorable/creative/perfect it was.

Meet Chelby.


Free People top layered perfectly under a Gimmicks cardigan

Tell us about yourself…

I grew up on a farm in western Nebraska and have always been a family-centered person.

I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Organizational Communication. I LOVE spreadsheets and planners. For real. I have been with Buckle for ten years, starting out as a Recruiting Assistant and now working as a Recruiting Coordinator.

But the best part of me is Cooper Jay (4) and Berkley Louise (1). My husband Jay is pretty great too.


Biggest inspiration…

So. Many. Things.

Work – I love learning and growing from other people. My true inspiration is seeing other people succeed in collaboration with my support.

Crafts – My home! I live on the river and if I am looking for inspiration a quick nature walk helps. My daughter’s first birthday party was to celebrate our little ‘deer’. Woodland décor galore.

Life in general – My family and being a mom. They give me that push to do something great. Not to be average. My biggest goal in life is to make others around me happy.

And coffee. Coffee is my inspiration to do 10 projects at one time.


How has your style evolved over the years? 

I wouldn’t say my style has changed, but my confidence has. I fall pretty easily into current trends, but I like to add my own twist with comfort top of mind. I’ve also figured out what I like the most. I like layers, high neck shirts, ankle boots and leggings. Oh my goodness, leggings.

My only rule is to never leave home without loving what I have on. I might be late a lot of mornings (or to everything in general), but that’s the price of confidence, right?


Clutch paired with Quinn and Copper bangles and BKE watch

Your favorite item in your closet is…

I would say my camo Free People jacket. It goes with everything. And it’s comfortable.
Weekends? Yes! Work? Yes! Going Out? Never mind, that doesn’t happen anymore.


Billabong kimono layered over Gimmicks blouse and high neck tank

Best part of being a mom…

Recreating all of the great memories from my childhood for my kiddos and then creating new traditions with them!

My mom did so many fun things with me and my sister when we were growing up. For instance, one time right before a blizzard was supposed to hit, my mom booked a hotel room 20 minutes from where we lived so we could go swimming instead of being stuck inside. That has stuck with with me ever since!

So I try to have fun, non-typical moments like that with my kids. To name a few: making snow ice cream, building a custom teepee (well my husband did all the sewing, I can’t take credit) and filling the top with lights so we had a reading nook, and having deluxe hot chocolate.

One tradition I have created that I can tell my four-year-old has looked forward too is if anyone in our family has a bad day (daycare included) we get ice cream that night. You can’t be sad with ice cream. We went through a week when Cooper had a “bad” day every day. I caught on quickly to that! (;


Has your style rubbed off on your kids yet?

My style definitely transitions over to them, whether they like it or not.

But if I let my four-year-old walk into his room and pick out his own outfit you wouldn’t be thinking ‘style’. I could tell you right now it would be the top t-shirt in his drawer with the first pair of shorts he could grab. No socks. And his camo boots.

My one-year-old just doesn’t have a choice right now. She’s too little to care, so I am enjoying the fact she doesn’t have an opinion in that department yet.

Best advice you’ve ever been given…

When I was first learning to drive and my Dad was teaching me, I remember very clearly being all over the road and him simply saying, “Stop over-driving. You’re making it harder than it is.”

I don’t think in that moment he was referencing life, but that’s how I use it. I try not to overthink things. If I like it, I do it. If I don’t, I don’t.


One item you always run to the store for…

Bread! PB&J’s are a top hit at our house. We also make a lot of grilled cheese and toast with cinnamon sugar. You can tell a four-year-old lives at our house.

And, if I can be 100% honest, coffee creamer. This momma gets tired and coffee is a MUST.


**If you need us, we’ll be at Chelby’s waiting patiently on our PB&J.

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