Office Debate: Cardigan Sweater vs. Pullover Sweater

Once in awhile, strokes of passion collide. Creating mayhem. Exploding into formal debate. You could say things got a little heated in the office today. Pens were thrown. Coffee mugs hidden. Styles challenged.

[Cue dramatic rise in music and tension.]

This afternoon, two interns with very unique styles hash out an extremely pressing issue – Which sweater is better? Cardigan or pullover?


Lanny (Copywriter Intern) – Team Cardigan

Let’s start from the beginning. Do you know how cardigans became a thing? In 1854, a British commander – James Brudenell – led 600 troops into fierce battle. Brudenell, along with the rest of his comrades, were early adopters of the open-front sweater. This war hero (who just so happened to be the Earl of Cardigan) was commonly referred to as ‘Lord Cardigan.’ Hence, cardigans.

I couldn’t make this up if I tried.

Now, think about this. I’m no doctor, but if a jacket and a traditional sweater produced the perfect offspring, it would be a cardigan.

Backed by science and history, I’m happy to defend my favorite over piece – the cardigan.


Madison (Social Media Intern) – Team Pullover

Everyone knows what a sweater is.

He’s friendly. Welcoming. Cozy. All wonderful qualities for something that accompanies your top half.

This timeless piece goes with, well, anything. Dress up a plain tee. Customize your button-up. And never worry about ties being too short or wrinkled shirts again. When your outfit just isn’t working, bring in the sweater. He’s a game-changer. The wildcard that transforms trash into class. No need risking a fashion faux pas by trying to go too far outside the box. Keep it simple. Keep it classy.

If you can’t find a pullover sweater for your style, you’re not looking. Endless variety, comfort and convenience. Yeah, I’ll stick with the pullover.

THE DEBATE [Ding, ding, ding.]

Lanny: I get it. Pullover sweaters are classic. Even I have a couple stashed in the back of my closet. But they’re the easy way out. Cardigans can be a challenge. They’re unique. You can leave the apartment with a confident sigh of relief when wearing a cardigan. Unlike a pullover, you won’t see three other people sporting “your” look. A cardigan is like a sophisticated hippie. Original, yet classy.

Madison: First thing’s first, I don’t mind sharing style with three other timeless-looking dudes. But you know who I won’t look like in my favorite pullover sweater? Mr. Rogers. (Cough, cough: creepy cardigan.) Sure, plenty of people have pullovers. But let’s not forget – there are v-necks, quarter-zips, shawl necks, sweater vests, ugly holiday sweaters, etc. Pullovers come in the same shapes, sizes, and patterns as cardigans. I will agree with Lanny on one thing, though – cardigans ARE challenging. That’s exactly why I avoid them. I’m a grown man with real-world, everyday challenges. Why add another to my routine?

Lanny: Tip of the hat to the Rogers reference. But let’s talk style. I’m a big accessories guy, so I enjoy the freedom my cardigan provides. I’m never cursed with the awkward decision of how to wear my necklace. Do you tuck it underneath a pullover? Or no? Also, I don’t like to hide my favorite patterns. Pullovers can block the best part of an outfit. Cardigans leave it wide open.

Madison: I’m an accessories guy, too. I just prefer wrist pieces. Understandable, you don’t want to “block” anything. But I view my pullover as the main attraction. My patterned under-piece is simply an accent.

Lanny: Alright. We aren’t sixth-grade girls. Can we agree that maybe pullover sweaters and cardigan sweaters should both be considered staples? Clearly, for different reasons.

Madison: I can settle for that. Even a simple outfit can be classed-up by tossing on either option.

Lanny: Just out of curiosity, let’s ask the peanut gallery. Which option fits your routine? Team Pullover? Or Team Cardigan? Leave us a comment below.

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