Office Debate: Cardigan vs. Pullover Sweater – Women’s Edition

While many are quick to jump ship on old habits this time of year, our blog team seems to be clinging a little tighter to what we know best – winter staples.

Both appreciative of a comfy shoe and a solid one-liner, the two of us have common ground where both style and personality meet.

Yet, ask us our opinion on one of fashion’s greatest mysteries, and our well-versed understanding of winter’s essentials is unleashed.

Madalyn and Jess here.

We’re ready to unravel one of our most commonly asked questions… the sweater or the cardigan?

Which style reigns supreme? Stick around, pour a glass.

Your closet might just depend on it.


Madalyn: Five minutes less that I can spend pulling on layer over layer is five minutes more I can spend in bed with my fur babies. Yes, I’m that person. I won’t compromise on my hair and makeup routine, but the simplest I can consistently make my closet the best.

Give me a piece that packs a punch – or something that makes me quickly forget I ever left bed in the first place (A.K.A a pullover) and I’m happy as a clam.

If clams are happy, I’m still not really sure of their mood board.


Jess: If we are talking comfort, then sweaters and cardigans could easily be considered on equal playing fields. Imitating my morning routine, the cardigan acts as a second robe long into my busy afternoon and evening plans. Comfortable? Yes. Fashion statement? You bet.

But what the cardigan does that a sweater can’t? Keep my collection of graphic tees in constant rotation even after the last of the warm temps fall.

Staying original to my personal style is prime when you are an avid collector of tees with sentimental value. Memories meet fashion = always.

Madalyn: Did you see the movie “Confessions of a Shopaholic”? Cute, right? Not so cute when you can quickly spiral into that person by rationalizing a tee/cardi combo on repeat. Maybe the pullover is just keeping me accountable? Saving me from myself?

I’m a maximalist at heart, so the charm of a pullover is that I can throw on bejeweled jeans or sparkly loafers and still look somewhat sane.  Jess – you always look sane, and for that I envy you and your cardi-reign.


Jess: Haha, touché and compliment received! While I’ve been found guilty on my closet’s current space devoted to concert tees and secondhand finds, the cardigan plays well with others.

Meaning it does right by every piece of clothing it meets, whether it be a cozy flannel and leggings or a bodysuit and mini skirt. It’s versatile.

And that my friend, sounds a lot like freedom… or wait… what was that word again… oh yeah, “Maximalist”? 😉

Madalyn:  If there is one thing that my style faux-pas have taught me over the years (bucket hat-stage, looking at you) it’s that less is more, and for me less = celebrating in the goodness that is a pullover.

That being said – I will definitely be borrowing that cardigan you wore today. Thanks, love you, bye.

Jess: You know it is always yours for the taking, along with a solid case for any debate. Until next time, xoxo.

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