Out & About in Outerwear

The weather may be taking a turn for cool temps, but we’re about to show you how to keep winter wardrobes hot.

Now, these aren’t your usual stuffy puffer coats that you immediately take off once you’ve reached your destination. These pieces…yeah, you’re going to want to keep them on and show them off.

The ‘It’ Piece

Have you ever needed that one piece to complete your look, but weren’t sure what it was?

Let us introduce you to our closet staple: The Denim Jacket

You want to add some edge to your outfit? Denim Jacket. You want a classy, refined look? Denim Jacket. You need some extra pockets for all the phone numbers you’ll get? …okay, okay – we think you get it.

The Faux Jacket

Word on the street is that cozy is key. This is a trend we can definitely get behind.

This pullover fleece & so-soft cardigan don’t take ‘outerwear’ so seriously. They’re the pieces that become your best friend when your office A.C. is blasting in the winter time. We’ve all been there, but at least Buckle’s got your back now (literally).

The Coat of Confidence

Is it ok to classify a coat as a therapist? Well, no. But hear us out.

This trench coat gives you that je ne sais quoi that allows you to take on anything…be whoever you want to be. It completes your outfit and gives you confidence to conquer anything.

Did we mention that we have several options in prints? Now that’s powerful.

Top It Off

Just like a cherry on top, these options for him (or her honestly) are just as sweet.

We’re loving plaid shirt jackets because they’re the fun uncle of outerwear. They still do their job, but give you such a cool, effortless look.

And quite literally, a vest will top off your look. Pair it easily over a sweatshirt, or your go-to button up for an easy, all-day outerwear add on.

Need a closer look? Make your way into your nearest Buckle store to fall in love with these pieces in person. Until next time, we’ll see you out-and-about rocking your outerwear!

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