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Introducing BKE like you've never seen it before.

It’s your life, live it.

That’s the phrase that immediately came to mind when working through who BKE is as a brand. Someone that takes risks, but not without reason, that embraces the unknown and learns from each encounter, getting better in the meantime.

BKE is a brand rooted in self-expression, discovery. Those everyday pieces made with a little something more. Something that makes them memorable, makes them yours.

Every once in a while, a brand comes along that checks all of the boxes. A brand that doesn’t just fit you now but continues to evolve alongside you.

This is BKE.

Better Denim

And we aren’t just saying that.

BKE denim has been around for years, evolving into our signature brand, an extension of Buckle, the brand that our guests come back for time and time again.

And who could really blame them?

Time-tested and perfected fits ranging from slim, to curvy, to relaxed promise a fit for every body type. Each jean is made in quality, soft to the touch, fabrics with varying levels of stretch made for all-day wear. We could stop there, but we won’t – because that’s not all we have to say. If the fabrics and fits don’t get you, the details will.

You’ll find everything from modern washes from a raw look and feel, to unique processing and destruction, and make sure to note our signature pocket stitching that makes BKE recognizable. That is better denim.

Start at the Top

While we would argue that denim does, in fact, make the outfit- that doesn’t negate the impact of what’s on top.

BKE’s offering starts with basics that you’ll reach for again and again. After all, in our experience, that is the definition of a good basic. Layering up, though, that’s where things get interesting. BKE delivers on the pieces that incorporate elevated elements to tried and true staples, whether transitioning season to season in trending outerwear, or adding a level of statement in tops.

Beyond Style

All of that being said, it’s not just about what you’re wearing, but how you’re wearing it. That’s the soul of BKE. How you take each of these pieces and make them your own.

BKE hasn’t ever been about standalone pieces that demand attention, instead putting a stake in the ground around tried and true pieces that bring a level of personal style that resonates with him, her, them, all of us.

At the heart of BKE, you’ll find a bit of you, and that’s what makes it one worth watching.

Remember, it’s your life, so live it. Live it freely, in a way that may not make sense to many, but makes perfect sense to you. Disrupt perceptions, instead opting for the new, the uncertain, and whatever that may mean for the future. Learn from what you’re feeling, experiencing.

It’s your life, live it.

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