Rompers: Who can wear them?

Over 100 years ago, this ad in The New York Times introduced the world to rompers. Originally made for children, they were worn on the outside of a blouse. Kids would put them on before “romping” around in the dirt. Basically, rompers were like outdoor aprons. They had a purpose – keep the kids clean.

Things have changed:
1) Good luck buying anything for 39 cents today.
2) Ads were even worse in 1904.
3) Adults wear rompers now.
4) Rompers made their way from backyards to runways.

But not everything has changed. This hybrid piece is just as practical today as it was in 1904. Totally different mission. But practical. We love them. The perfect mixture of a dress and shorts. But recently, we’ve been getting questions from our shoppers. Are rompers for everyone? Can ‘just anyone’ pull them off? Good question. This is where we’ll turn it over to one of Buckle’s stylists. Meet Bobbi, our local romper expert. 

Thanks for having me on! Excited is an underwhelming word to describe how I feel about rompers and spring weather. Show the world how versatile this one-piece can be? Challenge accepted. I marched around the office and found three gals with completely different lifestyles. Let the fun begin!

Online Model
McKenna is a full-time college student. Her schedule is filled with classes, sorority functions, and eventful weekends. (And of course, modeling for Buckle.) She loves Chinese food and claims she ate an entire chocolate cake in four days. Bold claim. We have our doubts, McKenna.

For this doe-eyed beauty, I chose something bright and flirty. It dresses up as easily as it dresses down. Perfect for her packed, college agenda. On the weekend or on the way to class, this romper makes a statement and keeps up with her gorgeous style.

Cecy (and puppy, Chase)
Online Administrator
When Cecy isn’t adding hundreds of products to, she spends time with her lovely family – her hubby, son, and their adorable puppy. She’s an on-the-go mom who just loves life. We captured a rare moment (left) of Cecy not smiling or laughing.

To accommodate the fun-loving chaos of being a mom, I went with casual fabric and a fun print. She needed something comfortable and functional. You wear it well, Cecy!

Social Media Intern
Alyssa is the latest member of our social marketing team. I’ve never met someone as easy going as Alyssa. Or as in love with traveling. In a few weeks, she’ll be heading out to study abroad in Argentina.

She had only one request for her romper – versatility, a necessary quality for traveling. With this free-spirited romper, it’s easy to get extra mileage. Boots or sandals and a headband for afternoon adventures. Leather wedges and a statement necklace for an evening of dancing. They’ll never know it’s the same romper, and it looks great everywhere.

Thanks for helping us out, Bobbi. Looks like rompers will be making their way into many different closets this spring. The only question left to answer is, “what strange piece of clothing are children wearing now that will turn into the next fashion favorite?”

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