Scents of the Season: Holiday Perfume and Cologne

The search for the perfect scent is never-ending. Light and playful or heavy and moody, a scent trumpets your arrival and lingers after your departure.

The goal: finding a scent that’s ever so slightly reminiscent of who you are. Buckle understands that perfumes and colognes are uniquely personal, which is why we strive to offer a variety for those on the hunt.


Marc Jacobs knows perfumes. Decadence weighs on the full side, with spicy, rich top notes of Saffron. A mid-day refresh won’t be needed thanks to floral and amber undertones that allow the scent to hang on all day.

We are loving Decadence for our trendy girl.


If perfumes were actual people, Juicy Couture’s Rosé would be the life of the party.

Sweet and bubbly, this fragrance carries top notes of mandarin, pear and jasmine with floral undertones, much like our favorite summer wine.


Gucci’s Bamboo is a personal favorite that is almost sure to bring up flashbacks of summer with that boy, you know the one.

Top notes of Casablanca lily are made rich with base notes of sandalwood, amber and Tahitian vanilla. Bamboo is the go-to for our girl who loves Gimmicks, open fields and warm weather.


Men, where do we begin? If you’re aiming for fresh and clean, we strongly suggest you try Reclaim Blue. Available both in a cologne and in a body spray, this is perfect for those of you always on the run.

Looking for something with a little more depth? Buckle Black perfects musk with notes of ginger, cypress and pepperwood. Definitely the cologne you want for a night out, or a date night in.

Like staying true to your style, your scent says a lot about you. Sticky sweet or fresh floral, rich or airy, a scent can attract or dissuade all with a simple inhale.

Make it a good one.

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