Settle into Summer – style inspiration from our tags

settle into summer: styled by you

Now that we can officially settle in to summer, we have let the traditional seasonal expectations fall to the wayside, and instead picked up a few new normals that feel almost as organic as what they replaced.

When we initially planned our summer campaign it was all about getting out, finding (and living) the life that you want to, no strings/boundaries/hesitations attached. It felt right, it felt needed, it felt like the best summer since the 5th grade when we lived every day at the pool and spent every penny we had on dreamsicles.

Then it was March, and 2020 knocked us down a bit, which felt like an unnecessary reality check. Summer looked different. We weren’t focusing on breaking out of here, but maybe instead just really focusing on that second piece – living the life, your life.

Looking through our tags the last few weeks, we’re seeing you doing just that. While we are still spending an unforeseen amount of time at home, it doesn’t quite feel like a punishment anymore. Personally, I’ve spent more time in the sun (admittedly in my backyard) than I have in the past three summers that have been spent so full that looking back it’s more of a blur than a highlight reel.

So, here’s looking at you. Your style, the inspiration you’re giving us. You just living your life, and looking dang good doing it.

Where ever this summer brings you, we hope you let us tag along for the ride (even if it’s just to the front porch). Keep doing you, it looks pretty incredible.

For your chance to be featured on our social, keep tagging us and using #BuckleStyle! ❤️

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