Show Up with Confidence

The school supply lists are printed, and now it’s time to make your game plan for getting everyone ready to head back to the classroom. We’re here to make a solid argument why Buckle should be a stop along the way.

After all, we believe self expression begins on the playground and never stops from there. Which is why we are always advocating for adding a dose of personal style to their list when it comes to reuniting to friends and hitting the books. As your littles navigate growth spurts, we have denim (boy’s // girl’s) to keep up with them. From adjustable waist bands, to a variety of waist sizes and inseams.

As they get a bit more passionate about that favorite color or dressing just a bit more like their hero (cue you, Mom & Dad) we have options for that as well. Whether true Mom & Me or Dad & Me styles or just pieces that brings a little more fun to the morning routine turned marathon.

Back to school shopping is one of the memories we hold near and dear from growing up. The age-old debacle of whether this year feels more like a purple notebook or blue notebook kind of year – or maybe we should just go all out and get a variety so we can rank subjects on favorite to least favorite along with the colors.

Oh, and that decision behind mechanical or traditional pencils – man, those were the days.

Maybe you find yourself wanting to make a book cover or two, or making it a bit easier on everyone and picking one up next to the binders – whatever your approach, back to school shopping always comes down to starting the year off right – with them feeling just a bit more confident and secure.

That’s why we put together a bit of our own school supply list for you – one with some added necessities, and a few of the tried and true essentials, and of course a few added blanks for whatever we may be missing. Download and print to use today!

So, let’s do just that. Let’s make sure what they are wearing not only shows who they are, but makes them feel really good (and won’t get in the way with recess). This year, let them show up in style. After all, the styled life starts here.

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